Tire Repairs, Replacements  and Other Services

Regular tire and wheel service is one of the most important maintenance services you can request for your vehicle in order to help you stay safe on the road. Automotive Solutions in Mount Holly, NJ offers fast and affordable tire rotation, repair, replacement, and wheel alignment services. Our ASE certified mechanics are proud to ensure that your tire system is ready for any type of terrain and weather you find on the road. Call us at (609) 267-7070 for more information or to schedule a service.

Tire Rotations  and Wheel Alignments

Your tires and wheels are the first line of defense between you, your car, and the road. Scheduling for a tire rotation or wheel alignment can help ensure that your vehicle is safe on the road. When you have a tire rotation as part of your regular car maintenance you help your tires extend their life, improve your gas mileage, and improve your road safety. You can also see immediate benefits after a wheel alignment service, such as: better vehicle balance, enhances braking performance, and improved road safety. If you notice your tires are starting to wear down or your car is pulling to one side, bring it by Automotive Solutions in Mount Holly, NJ for tire rotation and wheel alignment services. 

Custom  Tire Ordering

Are your tires ready to be replaced? When your tires need to be replaced, call Automotive Solutions for tire repairs and replacements. We can help you get the exact tire that you are looking for to help improve your tire performance. We work with a wide selection of name-brand tire brands to help bring you affordable tire options. If you would like to request for a certain tire, call us at (609) 267-7070 for more information. 

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