Fleet Auto Repair
  in Mount Holly, NJ

You need a reliable fleet so you can fulfill your commitments to your clients and uphold your company’s strong reputation in the marketplace. Automotive Solutions provides expert fleet services and maintenance to customers in Mount Holly, Lumberton, Hainesport, Mount Laurel and surrounding areas.

Let us service your fleet today and keep your vehicles running in top condition. We will help you implement a cost effective plan for all of your fleet maintenance and commercial vehicle repair services at Automotive Solutions. Call Automotive Solutions today at 609-267-7070 to get a quote on commercial car fleet repairs. 
Commercial Auto & Truck Repair & Maintenance Services

We offer priority service for your fleet and will work with you for the Automotive Solution that helps you juggle your businesses most urgent needs. Please give us a call today so we can discuss the needs of your fleet. We can custom a plan for your account to include staggered maintenance plans for each vehicle as well as local pick-up & delivery services.

Commercial  Repairs
Fleet Maintenance
Please give us a call today and ask for our owner, Jim, to discuss allowing Automotive Solutions to be your go to mechanic team for your entire fleet of vehicles.
We understand the importance of getting your vehicles back on the road so you can serve your customers properly and we will do everything we can to serve you and your company’s vehicles promptly and efficiently.
Your business  is our business.

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